The leadership and support staff of Temple are all volunteers.

Ann-Margret Hovsepian

Ann-Margret Hovsepian

The clerk maintains the membership list, records minutes at official meetings, prepares reports, and ensures all official meetings are summoned. In addition to handling all official correspondence, the Clerk corresponds with and submits reports to the Quebec Association of Baptist Churches and Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.


Sonia Pehlivanian

The welcoming committee is responsible for ensuring the congregation, especially visitors, feel welcome, included and informed when they come to church. Responsibilities include greeting worshippers, providing visitors’ cards, organizing the greeting area materials and ensuring visitors receive a follow-up letter.

Joshua Livingston

The building maintenance is responsible for the general maintenance and weekly cleaning of the church building, regularly assessing the physical condition of the building, making necessary minor repairs and notifying the church of any major repairs or renovations that are needed.


Jessie Hovsepian

The hospitality committee takes care of the general housekeeping needs of the church, such as organizing kitchen duties, decorating, coordinating details of dinners, and preparing the communion elements, as well as managing our food and clothing banks.