Sermons & Bible Studies (Page 24)

These sermons and bible studies are given at Temple Baptist by Pastor Joseph Hovsepian and guest speakers. Please feel free to use these videos and PDF files and to redistribute them to others without alteration and without charge.



CHRIST SUPERIOR IN HIS PERSON (1:1-4:13) Christ Superior to the Prophets (1:1-3) Christ Superior to the Angels (1:4-2:18) Christ Superior to Moses and Joshua (3:1-4:13)   CHRIST SUPERIOR IN HIS PRIESTHOOD (4:14-10:18) Christ’s High Priesthood Superior to Aaron’s (4:14-7:28) Christ’s Ministry Superior to Aaron’s (ch.8) Christ’s Offering Superior to Old Testament Sacrifices (9:1-10:18)   WARNING […]


2 Timothy

How to Behave in the Local Church Introductory Greetings to Timothy – (1:1-5) 1:1 Paul introduces himself at the outset of the Letter as an apostle of Christ Jesus. He had been commissioned to special service by the glorified Lord. This appointment was not by men or through men, but directly through the will of […]


1 Timothy

Timothy was Pastor of the Christian “assembly” at Ephesus (1 Timothy 1:3). He was a young man. That is made clear by expressions in both letters to him and by references in the book of Acts. Paul’s references also leave us in no doubt that Timothy was very dear to him. 1 Timothy was written […]


The Epistle of James

This little epistle is a masterpiece. It has a strong Jewish flavour, even referring to the Christian assembly (church) as a “synagogue” (2:12), which is the Greek word for congregation (Sunagwgh) that eventually became used exclusively for Jewish congregations. James is a very practical epistle. It deals with controlling one’s tongue, the rich and proud, […]


Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13 “Temptation” – This word is used by religious and non-religious people alike, and it means different things to different people. The Greek word is ΠΕΙΡΑΣΜΟΣ, which means to lure, to entice, to make a person do something. It is not the same as trial or test. As the compass needle […]