bangladeshBlessings for Humanity (BFH)

BLESSINGS FOR HUMANITY (BFH), a Church based non profit charity, has taken several initiatives to lessen the distressed condition of these poor and helpless people. The BFH has discussed the matter with different Pastors and Christian leaders of the country. The main objective is to Gospel preaching through the Church of Blessings (COB).

Their Mission Statement is to embrace the heart of neglected, disabled and vulnerable women, men and children and reach them God’s Blessings regardless of race, religion and creed.

NOTE: This is Shubroto Shikdar’s brother’s ministry.


Love Bangladesh Ministries

Love Bangladesh Ministries (LBM) is a non-denominational Christian charity organisation working in the Southern part of Bangladesh. The organisation was founded in 2004. We believe that everyone is created by God, and His will for us is to live in communion with him and to share His love through serving the needy. Our mission is to encourage, equip and empower the oppressed. We are a child-centered organization, and our mission is to provide shelter for the orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Poverty affects body, mind and soul. Accordingly, our service incorporates meeting the physical as well as the intellectual and emotional needs. Our work consists of the following: Home of Love (a boys orphanange), pre-school education, micro-credit, income generating activities and emergency relief.bangladesh

LBM was founded by John Bose (our own Jasmine Shikdar’s brother) in 2004. John Bose was educated priest. He felt strongly for the children who suffered. He started his work by giving shelter to only five children. Since 2004, the work he started has grown. There are now 20 boys who live in our orphanage, and 180 children who are studying in our pre-school. John Bose was director of LBM untill March 2010 when he past away in a tragic trafic accident. God encuraged us to continue the work that John started. Today, Joshe Bose is the director of LBM. By God’s grace, we can continue the work for the poor and needy children in Bangladesh.