• John 6:1-14
  • Luke 1:37

Great crowds of people followed Jesus not necessarily because they believed on Him to be the Son of God, but rather because they saw the miracles, especially His power to heal the sick.

A faith founded and based on miracles is not as pleasing to God as the faith that is founded and based on His word. God’s word does not have to be based on miracles and should not require miracles to verify or prove it.

Here, in this account we have a picture of a lost and perishing world. Hungry and thirsty spiritually. And as powerless the disciples were then, so are the religious leaders today. They are powerless, lost and confused and unable to satisfy the spiritual hunger of the crowds  with their human efforts today.

Then we see God’s intervention. God created the world, “How difficult would it be for Him to multiply few fish and some loaves of bread.”

There was a problem, actually a huge problem. 5000 men, plus women and children were hungry.

Problems come to us all, and often problems are centered around people and the inability to solve them.

Solutions to problem may require more then we poses.

Jesus saw the problem first, but He let Philip see the problem, to see what Philip’s reaction would be and  what he would do.

Nothing takes God by surprise. Philip saw the problem and was ready to give up, instead of focusing on the power of Christ and trust Him.

With God, nothing is impossible.  (Luke 1:37)

Little is Much When it is Given to Jesus  –  (vss.8-9)

Andrew found a boy “with five small barley loaves and two small fish.”

Some focus on problems; others find people with solutions.

Here we see:  A Boy …. His Lunch …. And Jesus ….

Only five barley loaves and two small fish would be enough to feed 5 to 10 thousand hungry people.

God has often used small things to bless many. For example:

  • The widow’s mite;
  • David’s sling;
  • Moses’ rod;
  • Gideon’s lamps

When we give what we have to Jesus He multiplies it

We must be Willing to Obey Before We are Ready to Be Blessed  – (v. 10)

“Have the people sit down.”  No food on sight and yet they sat down  and waited.

They waited to be fed from the lunch of a child.

A child offered the little he had, Jesus used it and multiplied it to feed thousand hungry people.

He can do the same today with our offerings to Him for His glory.

Hungry souls around us need the living bread.

Jesus wants to use us, and what we have, to feed them.